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Use any picture as a background for the toolbar of Explorer or Outlock Express
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16 May 2002

Editor's review

No matter how often you change your wallpaper and desktop color scheme, you get bored of the way your desktop looks sooner or later. Another bold statement of this review is that you spend most of your time surfing the net, and use Internet Explorer for this purpose. So why not trying something completely different to change your IE appearance, such as IEmage?
IEmage is a compact application that lets you make background for IE out of any image file. You can use your wallpaper image, last Christmas party snapshot or something else. The program doesn't need even a few seconds to learn - all controls and features are self-explainable.
What's more, you can use this program to create a simple gradient background for your browser, or merge two different images for the same purpose using the "Create image" menu item. If you get tired of the image background and want to get back to the good old grey window, you can easily roll back the changes. Download this program today and brighten up your Internet Explorer window.

Publisher's description

Bored of the pale Explorer Toolbar within the colorful windows environment?
'Hotbar offers ( another choice for selecting many beautifull toolbar images from their gallery. But those pictures must have a standard in size and color.
IEmage offers a way to change your Toolbar Image locally.
With IEmage you just can display every BMP or JPG image independent of its size as a Background Image. This Picture will be visible in the Toolbar of the Explorer as well as in Outlook Express!
You can even create a new image with IEmage. Just take a personal picture, resize it, use some filter functions and choose a suitable tiled, massive or gradient background. Then save it as personal Toolbar Image within a few minutes.

Version 1.7
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